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Beta demo of first world available now (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Hi folks, not a proper major update, that will come soon, but I’ve sat down and made builds for each platform finally. I know many people are not using Windows so this is a great opportunity to find out if things work properly on alternative operating systems! This build does not include much action but it is the main world as it stands right now, and quite large and awesome to explore. I would particularly love to hear from Linux or OS X users and to hear how well it works, if at all! I’m a Windows man these days and it works nicely for me, but similarly if it’s having issues on Windows please let me know. Thanks guys, Gaz. 

And now the cheeky bit, I’m making the links available via the Facebook group, sorry about that, it is really just a simple way of me gauging interest in this game, so if you want the beta, please visit here, you can unjoin as soon as you have it 🙂 but I recommend you stick around and watch me squirm as development continues. 

EDIT: I have also set up an ordinary Facebook page for the game here so please give that a like too (it’s mainly for those who want to follow the game but don’t necessarily want to be beta testers).