Genocide Dolphins goes to IGF-China!

I have spent a long time looking for good festivals to enter (let me know if you know any) and I’m now happy to say GD has been entered into IGF-China.

Now for some updates, below are some of the features that have been squeezed into the latest build for IGF. As the game takes a slightly more adventure FPS turn I have started adding locations into the game (I always said things would evolve unpredictably!). The player can eventually meet people at these places, and get missions etc. There’s lots on the cards but for now, check out some of the locations I have been working on (there’s also a video at the bottom). The latest build is available here, it is a normal build but you can turn on Oculus Rift support using F12.

Club Wolong

Welcoming the freshly opened strip bar “Club Wolong” to the Red Light district of ‘Screaming Tortoise 8’. The location might be a bit dodgy, but this is where the filthy rich come to drink.

Germen Cine Club

The unique cine club experience, all the way from Buenos Aires! The owner of the club (Matute) has lost his usb stick with all the films on it, can you help him find it? If so that grants you lifetime free access to the Germen Cine Club!

Dirt Burgs

DirtBurgs is ST8’s premier dirt burger bar, fresh dirt from the craters of Earth’s moon is shipped in daily to please the strings of customers (not shown here!).

Salad Days

A chilled out salad bar in Moruga, ST8. In the background you can see Geodesic, a popular night club. Customers can enjoy fresh Galaktikos salad with unparalleled soothing views into space.


A closer look at Geodesic. Invitation by ‘Nerve Jangler’ only (i.e. there’s no way in or out without expressly being invited to teleport through the planets network).. Geodesic is famed for this weird rule, and.. because of their DJ..

Who happens to be a gorilla.

Stay tuned folks, there’s LOTS more to come!!

And a video of the latest stuff in action!!

And finally, you can also check out the 1 minute video I submitted to IGF-China, its short and sweet but that’s what they asked for!!


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