Genocide Dolphins now supports the Oculus Rift!

The Oculus SDK was like a dream, the game was working on the Rift within 10 minutes or less! This is the very first build of GD that supports the Rift and will improve over time. But if you are Palmer Luckey enough to own a rift, then feel free to try out my free rift demo and leave feedback below!..

Strangely I had best results with 1920×1080, I even get more FPS in the rift build than a normal build thankfully, but I have only theories about why πŸ™‚


Rifters have been enjoying my demo! All comments from different people –

“Hey Man… this is sic! i mean, really…. awesome work, you got the perfect retro-future mindset-trippy-awesome stuff genre for the rift!”

“I really don’t have the words…. WOW. Damn this is incredibly trippy! IMO, if you polish up the rough edges you’ll have an absolute winner of a demo to show people (with their VR legs) the kind of crazy stuff the Rift can do.”

“OH MY GOD. So cyberspace trippy. The feel of this is really good with the Rift. The visuals are ultra-1990s beautiful. Am I playing a game or am I walking around a modern computer art exhibit? ”

And now, some videos of me playing the Rift version!



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